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Candied Citrus Mini Cakes with 5-Spiced Glaze

Orange Pound Bundt | Nat Yusop

Carrying on in the mode of my current coffee cake craze chase, this orange-infused mini pound cake has a topping of candied citrus peels and is finished off with a drizzle of Chinese Five Spice glaze. Chinese Five Spice?! How did I come about this flavour combination?

Many moons ago, Charu of the hugely informative Soul of Spice kindly offered me the opportunity to guest post on her blog a recipe for a cake made with oranges, cardamoms and cloves. I came close to the flavour profile she was looking for, creating a buttery cardamom-lemon semolina cake, but have not found a suitably vegetarian cake recipe incorporating the above. So until then, Charu, please accept this olive branch as a temporary sub for a super tardy guestpost 😛 Errr, it is still not vegetarian though.

I have been on the lookout for bundt pans, having fallen in great like with the fluted centres and its myriad of grooved designs; however these bundt pans are considered specialty bakeware here in KL – particularly the brand that sounds like Wordic Nare – so are very, very, very expensive. Stopping short of ordering them online, I stumbled across these locally-made aluminium jelly moulds a couple of days ago.

Jelly Moulds | Nat Yusop

I like big bundts and I cannot lie…….but these will have to do.

And I thought, why not? The moulds had grooved sides, and that checks one of the bundt pan prerequisites, heh! Necessity is the mother of invention.

I tweaked the standard pound cake recipe, to incorporate the use of whole wheat flour, just to feel less guilty with my (stubborn) affinity to butter.

You will need:

4 oz unsalted butter (or heart-healthy margarine)
2 0z light brown sugar
2 large eggs
2 oz whole wheat flour
2 oz all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
A pinch of salt
60 cc freshly squeezed orange juice 
2 teaspoons orange zest (or whatever you can yield from zesting an orange) 
100g candied orange peels

I always begin by pre-heating my oven, this time to 180°C.

First, I prepped the jelly moulds by coating each mould with margarine. Alternatively you could use non-stick cooking spray.

The dry ingredients were then measured and mixed in a bowl, and set aside.

After that, the last orange in the fridge was cornered and zested (if there is such a word), and squeezed to a pulp.

I then started on the wet ingredients, using my larger mixing bowl. Starting with the butter, which sat out on the counter for less than 5 minutes; this was creamed till fluffy with a whisk. The sugar was then added in increments and whisked until my elbows hurt. The eggs were added after that. Orange juice & zest were mixed in with a spatula. Then all of the dry mix was added in increments and gently folded in.

A couple of tablespoons of the cake batter were spooned into each mould. I managed to coax 10 filled moulds out of this recipe.

Going in to Bake | Nat Yusop

Keeping in mind that gravity would interfere with the cakes’ aesthetics, I plodded ahead and topped the batter with an eye-balled ration of candied citrus peels (unashamedly store-bought by the way).

The moulds coincidentally fitted in the wells of my muffin tray, so that doubled as a baking tray.

After almost 35 minutes, with the temperature turned down a notch to 170°C after the first 15 minutes, the cakes were done.

Leave to cool until you can pick up the tins without yelping, aka about 20 minutes

Leave to cool until you can pick up the tins without yelping, aka about 20 minutes

It was a nice surprise to note that there wasn’t much peel sinkage, so hurrah!

And because there is always no satisfying a sweet-tooth like myself, I made a simple glaze with 4 heaped tablespoons of sifted confectioners sugar and about 1 tablespoon of potable water. To this, I added a dash of Chinese Five Spice powder. Just a dash. It is quite potent, and takes getting used to because I use 5-Spice powder for chicken dishes at home so to have it on a cake took some persuading. Mentally, I kept expecting chicken.

You could, of course, totally omit a spiced glaze.

You could omit the glaze, period; the cake is good on its own 🙂


Happy Baking x0x0x0!

10 comments on “Candied Citrus Mini Cakes with 5-Spiced Glaze

  1. Nina Che Rus
    May 14, 2013

    Hey there Nat!
    Beautiful mini cakes!!!! Alas orange is not really an in thing at home 😛
    And you used those jelly moulds.. OMG why didn’t I think of that? Hehe I was tempted to but I didn’t want to try and see if it could withstand the heat in the oven 😛 Thanks for trying and letting me know. Now I have extra use of them if I want to go the no-liner route! Yes Nordic Ware is pretty pricey…. but the designs are lovely hahhaha.. what you shall wish for for your birthday, Eid, New Year,, you will think of something *wink wink* Will have to try this though… now I need some testers!

    • Nat Yusop | BakeSlave
      May 14, 2013

      LOL! Well I have you and your lovely bundts to thank for the inspiration 🙂

      I am glad the jelly moulds didn’t melt in the oven; the bake shop proprietor was very persuasive in his assurance. Try it Nina! The moulds are just the right (small) size for a non-guilty indulgence.

  2. soulofspice
    May 14, 2013

    Nat!! you did it!! Love these mini cakes. Candied citrus & chinese 5-spice, what a great combination. please send me the post so I can guest blog to share with everyone.. thanks again soooo much..I can’t wait for where your creative impluse next takes you…xoxo charu

    • Nat Yusop | BakeSlave
      May 14, 2013

      Awesome! Thanks for your vote of confidence Charu; I still am determined to get to you the orange, ginger, clove and cardamom cake recipe…..and further sacrifice my wobbly girth in the name of baking science! Having said that, it will probably be some more “many moons” to come. :p

  3. Fae's Twist & Tango
    May 15, 2013

    Nat, These mini cakes are gorgeous with the citrus bits. I can imagine how delicious they must be. The molds are so cute. The first photo is brilliant!

  4. Nat Yusop | BakeSlave
    May 15, 2013

    * blush *
    Thanks Fae! ❤

  5. thehungrymum
    May 15, 2013

    I love bundt tins too and the good ones like Nordic Ware are very expensive in Sydney, too. But these jelly moulds look fab! And as for the cakes – drooooool.

  6. aleafinspringtime
    May 16, 2013

    Nat, these are really super!! What a great idea with the moulds! I’m inspired to try these out! Sharon

  7. Nat Yusop | BakeSlave
    May 16, 2013

    Thanks Sharon – do let me know how they turned out 🙂

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