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Cheat’s Chook, Chives & Leeks Pot Pie

Buttery puff pastry baked to golden crispiness sits on top of an easy stir-fried creamy chicken, chives and leeks combo.

Buttery puff pastry baked to golden crispiness sits on top of an easy to make, sauteéd creamy chicken, chives and leeks combo.

Truth be told, I have never scored my mum’s approval in the bake department. Never. Mum’s a tough cookie to please. So it was (as it always is) with great trepidation that I got the oven going early Sunday morning. Feeling inspired by Sortedfood’s recipe for Chicken & Chorizo Pot Pie, I thought I’d spring for a savoury bake to celebrate my slightly belated 1st anniversary of BakeSlave (I’m a year old! Woo hoo! That’s one year of stuffing my face with bakes! No, really?!). This was a cheat’s dream dish – the puff pastry was ready made, and the chicken dish can be thrown together in a pot for a quick sauteé. (Of course it helps if the lean chook breasts were left overnight in the refrigerator to thaw safely, heh heh!). This was a pre-meditated bake that required every ounce of any sneaky genes in me – I planned to use the Sortedfood recipe as a base, with a BakeSlave twist of adding chives – and cooking with leeks presented itself with a hurdle:

Mum has never liked leeks ever since her student days training as a nurse in Orpington.

Leeks are also not a typical vegetable used in Malaysian cooking, although they are cultivated in the lush farming basin of Cameron Highlands. Nevertheless, I plodded on with optimism that maybe, just maybe, this would be the bake that finally earns the coveted thumbs up from mum.

Sliced skinless chicken breasts are cooked with leeks, chives and diced carrots.

Sliced skinless chicken breasts are cooked with leeks, chives and diced carrots.

I started by preheating the oven to 190ºC, and unwrapped the puff pastry, leaving the pastry slices to thaw slightly. Next, I prepared the following: Sliced 500 g of skinless chicken breasts to bite-sized pieces, diced a medium sized carrot, chopped a handful of baby chives and sliced 320 g of leeks. The chook was the first into the pot, with a tiny splotch of oil to get it going. Then the vegetables were added in for a quick sauteé. Glorious colours a feast for the eyes! Just as the chook dish came together, I then threw in about 150 g of cream cheese, gave it a good stir and seasoned to taste.

The portion of chook, chives and leeks were enough to fill two of my shallow baking dishes. I then bunged them into the oven for around 15 minutes to “set” the cream cheese in the sauce.  While that was baking, I lined a tray with baking paper and placed two pieces of ready-made square (4 x 4) puff pastry on it, docking it with a pastry cutter and then gave it an egg wash. Unlike a proper pot pie, where the puff pastry will be baked on top of the meat dish as a ramekin topper, this cheat’s version calls for baking both components separately, then assembling the puff pastry on top/askew of the meat dish. This way, you’d get mileage out of your crispy pastry. Goodbye soggy bottoms!

Puff pastry

Puff pastry

Mind you, the puff pastry squares did shrink, so two pieces were needed per baking dish. I did say it was a cheat’s version, heh heh. If you have the larger roll of pastry which needs to be cut down to size, the better for you 😀

Pastry, lightly tanned

Pastry, lightly tanned

I baked 5 pieces of puff pastry in total, with the first two being lightly tanned. Mum preferred her pastry darker, thus crispier.

I am totally chuffed to say, that after all the simple bakes in this past year, this cheat’s chook, chives and leeks pot pie got the thumbs up from mum.

Finally. I baked her happy.

Can't get enough of Sriracha

Mum & I can’t get enough of Sriracha

Do you have a kitchen critic as well? I’d love to hear your stories!

Happy Baking ! Xoxoxo

10 comments on “Cheat’s Chook, Chives & Leeks Pot Pie

  1. Nina Che Rus
    September 4, 2013

    Yup and it has to be Mum … and my niece! hehe.. Mum’s a vanilla gal, with chocolate being the last to be picked. However she likes the chocolate cheese moist cake I made (and even promotes it to family members!) teehee… Phew!
    Niece.. err a tale for a diff time. hehe

    • Nat Yusop | BakeSlave
      September 5, 2013

      Et tu, Brutus? :p
      Mums! Our toughest critics! But I never figured Ms. HNS to be in the same boat – if anything, I thought she’s your most willing food taster (I know I would if I was in your household, heh heh).

      • Nina Che Rus
        September 6, 2013

        She is a willing food taster so long as it does not involve vegetables. Or citrus or currants for that matter. Hehehhe.. 😛

      • Nat Yusop | BakeSlave
        September 6, 2013

        Hence the chocolate obsession! Heh eh!

  2. Nina Che Rus
    September 6, 2013

    OH and No nuts. hhehehehehe… yeah The chocolatesSSSSSSS

  3. ohlidia
    September 30, 2013

    Looks fabulous! Happy Bloggiversary!

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  5. thehungrymum
    April 17, 2015

    miss9 would adore this – she loves a good pie 😉

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