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Rustic Herbed Shortcrust Pie

Savoury Pie with Herbed Shortcrust Pastry |Nat Yusop

It has been dreadfully dreary these past few weeks. Talk about breaking one’s baking mojo.

The transboundary haze pollution (which is just a romanticised euphemism for horrendous smog, IMHO) has us Malaysians mostly indoor-bound. Mountains in the horizon are blotted out. The sun is blood red. At times, the air is acrid with smoke.

Bye-bye blue skies. Photo credit to my hubby.

No photo filters used here. Bye-bye blue. Photo credit to my hubby.

I decided to bake something with pops of colour to remedy the blahs (and the lack of pie!). In the past week, I have made a chocolate yoghurt cake and scones (under my Instagram moniker The Midnight Baker Malaysia), so something savoury was on the cards. Hint: the term “rustic” lets you get away with intentional lapses of pie-fection :D.

Cayenne, nutmeg and dried mixed herbs – that’s what went into the basic shortcrust pastry recipe which I used the previous day to make a savoury open-faced pie.

Tip: Double the ingredient amounts for herbed shortcrust pastry that is more than enough for a deep 8" round tin.

Tip: Double the ingredient amounts for herbed shortcrust pastry that is more than enough for a deep 8″ round tin. Dock the pastry and bake at 210 degrees C for 15 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 180 C and bake for another 5 – 8 minutes or until the edges have browned. I used egg whites (from the separated yolks) for the eggwash.

It is important to remember to chill the pastry dough in the fridge for at least one hour before rolling it out again. I bunged mine in the freezer for about 20 minutes (which was the amount of time I gave to rest my freshly cooked chicken). Needless to say, you could use any meat or vegetable filling of your choice for your pie. We particularly are fond of chook with leeks (see previous pies) here in the BakeSlave household, but this time, for a nice contrast in colour I added baby peas and chopped black olives. The black and green added contrast to the white chicken meat and cream sauce, don’t you think?

This is what went in to the chook combo.

This is what went in to the chook combo.

The real drama, however, came from the baby tomatoes and egg yolks.

Look at those traffic-light colours. To quote The Teenage Textbook, “a veritable visual feast of stupendous quality” – although I assure you, in the book, this phrase was not referring to food at all. 😀

Fill in the savoury bits to your pre-baked crust and bake your pie at 180°C for 25 – 30 minutes (or until the filling has “set”).

Going, going, gone!

Going, going, gone!

While waiting for this to bake, we watched the unveiling of Budget 2015 on telly. I’ll tell you this much, it certainly lifted my spirits to pull out this pie from the oven. Do let me know if you make this!

Bake Someone Happy! xoxoxo

2 comments on “Rustic Herbed Shortcrust Pie

  1. thehungrymum
    October 29, 2014

    Gimme! Really, this looks incredible and I, am always, hungry 🙂

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